Alabama Walmart Cluelessly Stocks Gun Counter With 'Gun Oil' Lube

A Gun Shop In America Accidentally Stocked Up On Sexual Lube Instead Of Gun Lubricant

This literally just made our week.

A Walmart shopper in Alabama got a bit of a surprise while browsing the store's gun department.

Jamie Lee Bracey stumbled across Gun Oil, a lubricant popular with gay men, stocked among the store's weaponry wares back on Sept. 18. According to a video Bracey posted on Facebook, the Walmart in Florence, Alabama, had the product readily available for sale at its gun counter.


!!! I couldn't believe this. It was at Florence WalMart, sporting goods section.

Posted by Jamie Lee Bracey on Friday, September 18, 2015

"It says water-based lubricant for your gun!" Bracey said in the above video. "I was like, 'Water-based? That could rust, right?'... Let’s see here: ‘Long-lasting lubrication with easy cleanup. Glycerin and paraben free. Wetter, lighter feel than silicone.’ Oh that sounds good. That sounds really good. I think my gun would work really good, wetter and lighter. Then I see the ‘Ginseng and guarana to promote blood flow,’ and I’m like, ‘What?’ For topical use, apply desired amount to genital areas. Boom!”

Thanks, good people of Walmart in Florence, Alabama for your very literal thinking which gave all of us the laugh we needed today.

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