Six Brothers Welcome Home First Baby Sister In Adorable Video: 'She's So Precious'

These Six Brothers Meeting Their First Baby Sister Will Melt Your Heart

The moment six brothers welcomed home their first sister was captured in an adorable video.

Mum, Cher Lair from North Carolina was ecstatic when she found out she was having a girl in April 2015.

She has six boys: Jackson, 13, Campbell, 10, Sawyer, seven, Houston, five, Shepherd, four, and Knox, two.

And, after giving birth to her seventh child and first girl, Ruby, she decided to film her son's reactions when she brought her home , to capture how they really felt about having a girl in the house.

Knox and Ruby

"This is Ruby and I love her," says four-year-old Shepherd, while two-year-old Knox simply stares down at his new sister and kisses her on the head.

Seven-year-old Sawyer sweetly calls his sister "so precious like a Ruby".

The boys do also divulge some slight reservations about having a sister.

Campbell says: "I'm excited that she's here. I'm scared too because she's a girl."

Houston adds: "I'm worried about the pink, when she's five or six or seven she might get paint and paint pink everywhere. I don't like pink because it's a girl's colour."


But are they going to be the best big brothers ever? Of course they are.

Campbell adds: "I'm definitely going to be a protector because when she's gets older and has a boyfriend and brings him home, she's going to say 'to have me you have to go through my brothers'."


But the best comment?

Four-year-old Shepherd: "She is cuter... than I thought she would be."

Watch the full video to see all of their sweet reactions.