'Die Hard 6': Bruce Willis 'To Return As John McClane' In New Film 'Year One', And Fans Are Not Happy...

'Die Hard' Fans Despair Over New Sequel Reports

In news that will probably not make you declare ‘yippee-ki-yay!’, a sixth film in the ‘Die Hard’ franchise is reportedly in the works.

Proving that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, Deadline have reported that Bruce Willis is currently gearing up for ‘Die Hard 6’, which will see him once again taking on the role of John McClane.

Bruce Willis in 'A Good Day To Die Hard'

Since the original ‘Die Hard’ film in 1988, you might think you’ve seen John McClane do it all - from death-defying stunts to tackling obstacles in his personal life, so surely there’s nothing left for him to do, right?

Well, think again, because the new film will reportedly act as both a sequel and an origin story, with the tentative title, ‘Die Hard: Year One’.

Deadline claim that “much of the action will be set in 1979”, while also allowing scope for Bruce Willis to play the role he’s become synonymous with over the past 25 years.

Unsurprisingly, film buffs on Twitter have had mixed feelings about the upcoming film, collectively branding it unnecessary because ‘Die Hard’, well, already is an origin story...

Meanwhile, other tweeters have at least tried to see the funny side, offering their own witty takes on what the new film could involve...

The last ‘Die Hard’ film, 2013’s ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’, centres around John McClane trying to bust his son out of a Russian prison, but inadvertently involving himself in a terrorist plot.

It was met by almost unanimously scathing reviews, with the New York Post claiming it was done “by the numbers” and Rolling Stone calling it, simply, “total crap”.

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