Midwife Advice: 3 Things Pregnant Women Can Do To Make Giving Birth 'Shorter And Faster'

There's not many women who look forward to labour so if we told you there were ways you could make it easier, we're pretty sure you'd be all ears.

Midwife Tracey Owen has offered up some tips on what you can do during your pregnancy to potentially make the birth of your child shorter and faster.

1. Exercise.

"It helps you become fitter and the fitter you are, the easier labour can be," Owen says.

It's important to make sure your exercise is appropriate for the stage of your pregnancy - talk to your GP to determine this.

2. Staying upright.

Seems pretty easy, right?

"Towards the end of your pregnancy, the more upright you are, the better," explains Owen.

"This helps gravity push your baby down to the best place it can be."

Owen advises to do this by going for walks or sitting upright on a birthing ball.

3. Eat well.

Staying at your optimum health during your entire pregnancy will push you in the right direction for a "quick labour and a healthy baby" says Owen.

She recommends eating green vegetables, breads, milk and cereal products which are fortified with irons and folic acids.

Watch the video above to find out all the tips Owen gives to make birth that little bit easier.

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