Ola Jordan Gets Fully Naked In 'Strictly Come Dancing' Star's Latest Raunchy Calendar Photo-Shoot (NSFW PICS)

Ola Jordan might have been the first ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ professional eliminated from this year’s competition, but she definitely knows how to keep us talking about her.

The ballroom star has teased her fans with new photos from her 2016 calendar, and she wasn’t kidding when she said it would “as sexy as ever”.

In fact, we reckon this just might be her steamiest yet - if these NSFW snaps are anything to go.

Ola Jordan in her 2016 calendar

In one of the new photos, Ola is shown completely naked while in a swimming pool.

We appreciate not wearing a swimming costume will probably make her more streamlined when she’s doing laps, but she really wants to get a swimming cap on if she’s taking it that seriously.

Another of the seriously NSFW snaps shows Ola striking a playful pose in some sheer lingerie, leaving precious little to the imagination.

Good grief

Ola Jordan: 100 Sexiest

Ola Jordan: 100 Sexiest

Meanwhile, her husband James Jordan recently revealed he doesn’t think Ola will have long left with the show.

Addressing the reports that producers were unhappy with Ola and Kristina Rihanoff’s calendars, he said: “Ola hasn’t spoken to anyone at the BBC about it, so the only place that it could have come from is the BBC.

“They always seem to release negative stories about Ola. Now this thing with the calendar, it’s almost like they are trying to set it up so that they don’t need to ask her back next year.

“Instead of the BBC focusing on the positive things about her, how she’s come back from a major knee surgery, she’s loves taking part in the show, she got a partner that she got on really well with – you wake up the morning after being eliminated from the competition to another negative story in the press.”

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