Susanna Reid Shares Ultimate Throwback Snap On ‘Good Morning Britain'

Susanna Reid once again proved that she’s up for a laugh on ‘Good Morning Britain’, sharing an *amazing* throwback snap from when she was 17.

The presenter was leading a segment on airbrushed school photos when she revealed her picture, which was then airbrushed to demonstrate the differences photoshop makes.

Susanna's snap, before and and after airbrushing

Her co-host Charlotte Hawkins also shared one of her pics, as Susanna explained: “We used our own school photographs.

“Here am I... I was 17-years-old, we're going to see what the retouching adds in a moment."

Commenting on her photoshopped picture, Susanna said: "My eyebrows have been plucked and my lips and eyes are enhanced and for some reason they've given me a wig.”

Susanna and her fellow presenters often enjoy a giggle or two on the show, but last week, we saw a different side to the team, when they posed for a James Bond-inspired photoshoot.

Susanna, Charlotte and Ben Shephard were all given 007 makeovers, to celebrate the upcoming ‘Spectre’ film.

Check out the snaps below…

'Good Morning Britain' Go 'Bond'

'Good Morning Britain' Go 'Bond'

Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid