Ancient "Supershark" Fossils Discovered In Texas

Scientists have discovered fossils belonging to a "supershark" that roamed the waters of Texas, 300-million-years ago.

At the heart of the finding is a pair of fossil brain-cases that suggest the ancient creature is 25 percent bigger than the great white shark.

According to the Dallas Paleontological Society, the skeletal remains hail from an age before the dinosaurs.

John Maisey, a curator in the society's Division of Paleontology, remarked: “Everything is bigger in Texas, even 300 million years ago.”

Great white sharks can measure 4.6 to 6 metres in length- a tiny size compared to the estimated size of the ancient shark, which was approximately 5.5 to 8 metres long.

Researchers believe the fossils could belong to the species Glikmanius occidentalis or to an entirely different species new to science.

However, they are certain their findings proved that sharks roamed our waters for a lot longer than we first thought.

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