Vulture Gets Stuck In Pig's Bottom In Bizarre Video Footage

A bizarre video recording has captured one of the many cruel oddities of the animal kingdom. A vulture with it's head caught up the bum of a pig.

It's not clear how the vulture managed to get itself into the stinking situation, although it does seem to be happily tucking into its meal.

The weird encounter was caught on video footage by Paul Fushille, who found a field of dead feral hogs in western Travis County, Texas. He claimed they had probably been shot by a rancher.

A pig and a vulture are caught in an awkward situation

Fushille wrote in the description of his YouTube video that he didn't attempt to remove the struggling bird, as vultures are prone to throw up as a defense mechanism and he "didn't want pig ass" on himself.

The onlooker also stated that he believed the bird was freed by a friend or a neighbour, an hour or so after the footage was taken.

The most likely explanation for the strange scenes is that the vulture fancied a bite to eat, but became trapped when the pigs muscles clenched, leaving the bird to wrangle around inside the cavity.

The trending video originally appeared on YouTube in April 2014 although it resurfaced October 16, when posted a copy of the video on Facebook, positioning the image as a visual metaphor for the forthcoming US presidential election.

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