'Back To The Future' Day And 11 People Who Have Never Seen It

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Unless you intend to avoid the internet today (and you're doing a pretty bad job already if you're reading this) you will have realised it is Back to the Future Day.

October 21 2015 is the very date to which Marty McFly travelled to in the iconic DeLorean.

Despite a generation of people eagerly awaiting this event, plenty of others were criminally oblivious.

This guy's lack of enthusiasm is depressing.

Sarah's priorities are all kinds of wrong.

Alison deserves to be taken off the TV for good.

At least Tayla has the decency to know her confession is shameful.

Sophia is about to become part of something she doesn't understand.

No Danny, it isn't. But thanks for providing us with some material.


Age is NOT an excuse.

Yes Kyle, yes it is.

As should everyone in this article.

Here are seven reasons why our future is better than Back To The Future:

1. We Can Make Power Out Of THIN AIR

Seven Reasons Why Our Future Is Better Than Back To The Future

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