Lexus Proves Its Hoverboard Really Works With This Teasing Video

Lexus raised our excitement to critical new levels earlier this month after it unveiled what looked to be the first real hoverboard we'd actually want to use.

It was beautiful to look at, stunningly well made and more importantly - it looked like it worked.

There was just one problem: it didn't look real.

For too long we've seen hoverboard concepts come and go and for too long we've been tricked into thinking a company has finally nailed it.

Well Lexus understands our doubt which is why this 30 second teaser should prove once and for all that yes, it's a hoverboard and yes it really does work.

Pro skateboarder Ross McGouran has been testing the hoverboard over in Barcelona on a custom-made skatepark that uses a metal grounding allowing the hoverboard's super-cooled magnets to levitate it off the ground.

To show just how real the board is McGouran does the one thing we all wanted to see: he passes his hand under the bottom of the board.

Well now we know it's real we can start to get seriously excited about seeing it in action.

Using liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets, Lexus claims that it has 'one of the most advanced' hoverboards the world has ever seen.

Made using a blend of strong lightweight materials, the hoverboard has a bamboo surface while its secretive power source is hidden from view with what looks like a carbon-fibre mesh body.

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