Pedestrian Thinks 'When Red Light Shows' Sign Applies To Her

"When red light shows wait here - she thinks it's for her!!"The Scot Squad are back out in full force tonight and to give you a wee teaser of what to expect, here's PC Hugh McKirdy (Grado) & Surjit Singh in action.Tonight (Mon 19 October), 10.35pm, BBC One Scotland

Posted by BBC Scotland on Monday, October 19, 2015

The BBC unveiled this clip from their new show Scot Squad on Monday, showing footage of a pedestrian thinking a road sign applies to her.

The woman quietly obeys the roadworks sign, intended for road vehicles, while the light shines red.

PC Hugh McKirdy & Surjit Singh, meanwhile, just sit back and laugh until they start to feel sorry for her. But then the light changes and the lady goes on her way.

The viral clip is sadly a staged scene for the parody show, taking inspiration from the time it actually happened.

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