21/10/2015 07:19 BST | Updated 21/10/2015 07:59 BST

Grandparents Play 'Up' Piano Duet To Celebrate 60th Wedding Anniversary (And It's Beyond Adorable)

An elderly couple, both in their eighties, have given us all of the feels by reenacting 'Up' for their 60th wedding anniversary.

The adorable video shows the couple playing the tune from the film, while also zooming in on family photos of them over the years.

The music was adapted by their grandson, pianist Jason Lyle Black, to allow them to perform together. Black says his grandparents have played duets since they married back in 1955.


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"They really loved the movie, and it was incredibly fun working with them for the video," Black told ABC News.

"They've loved music their entire life. The piano they're playing in the video is actually a restored antique Steinway from the 1800s."

He describes the video as a "family treasure" for the couple's children and grandchildren.

"The night we posted the video, we had the whole family together, and we had grandma's cookies. It was perfect," he said.


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