The Instagram Boomerang App Is Facebook's Answer To Live Photos On The iPhone 6s

Instagram Has A New App But We're Not Really Sure Why It Exists

Instagram has unveiled Boomerang, a stand-alone app which records 1 second of footage and then plays it on an eternal forwards/backwards loop.

Boomerang is the third and latest extension app that Instagram has released offering a unique camera feature that isn't available in the main app.

The app is, if nothing else, blissfully simple to use. You simply swipe on the screen to switch between the front or rear-facing cameras and then hold the record button.

It then allows you to share the clip either straight to Instagram or Facebook while saving the tiny video to the camera roll of your phone.

We can only assume that Instagram's latest app is in response to Apple's Live Photos which debuted on the iPhone 6s, although we're struggling to see why it really exists as a stand-alone app.

It's so simple in what it does that one could argue it should have just been added as a new feature for Instagram in much the same way that its previous projects should have as well.

For those that don't mind cluttering up their home screen with extra apps though Boomerang, Layout and Hyperlapse are all available as stand-alone apps.


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