These Dead Disney Princesses Will Give You Nightmares, But Also Make Great Halloween Costumes

Get ready to have your childhood ruined forever, but also get some great Halloween costume ideas in the process...

UK makeup artist Shonagh Scott, aka ShowMe Makeup, has made herself up as five different Disney princesses - with a twist.

In a series of beauty looks is called Happily Never After, each princess has met a grisly demise. Poor Belle got mauled by the Beast, while Cinderella has been impaled by her own glass slipper.

Their gruesome deaths are straight out of Scott's imagination, but we have to admit they all seem pretty plausible.

Check out her ghoulish creations below:

1. Cinderella

"While escaping the Prince, Cinders tripped down the stairs, face planted her shoe and impaled her face."

2. Snow White

"The Evil Queen's poisoned Apple caused a severe chemical burn to poor Snow's face."

3. Elsa

"Elsa's powers backfire, impaling her own neck with an icicle and leaving her with frost bitten fingers."

4. Belle

"The Beast lashed out at Belle after she stole his Rose."

5. Ariel

"Ariel had her voice box ripped out by the sea witch."

Apologies if this gives you nightmares for the rest of your adult life.

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