Tom Jones Defends Himself After Controversial Comments About Homosexuality

Tom Jones has taken to Twitter to defend himself, after being criticised by fans for controversial comments about homosexuality.

The former ‘The Voice’ judge made a series of choice remarks during an interview with the Big Issue, however he has now defended his stance, tweeting: “Context! The story is about knowledge/attitudes in the 50s & 60s. it's called History!”

Tom came under fire from fans following the publication of the interview, in which he discussed being “thrown off a bit” when he first met producer Joe Meek “because he was a homosexual”.

"I thought, wait a minute, is the London scene, the people who run British showbusiness – are there a lot of homosexuals involved here?” he told the Big Issue. “Because if so, I'm going back to Cardiff."

"When I signed with Decca and Peter Sullivan became my manager… he said the same thing Joe Meek said – 'tell the boys to pack their gear up, I want to talk to you myself' – I said, 'you're not one of these queer fellows are you?' And he said, 'what are you on about?' I became paranoid, you see."

He continued: “I wondered, was that required to make a hit record? But then I got into it and I realised no, it just so happened that the first guy to record me was a homosexual producer.

"Once I got over the shock of that, and realised it wasn't true, most people were normal. Well, I shouldn't put it like that. Homosexuals are normal, it's not that they're not normal. It's just that they are what they are."

A number of fans took to Twitter following the interview, with some accusing Tom of homophobia, however some defended the star:

Tom’s currently busy promoting his new memoirs, and this isn’t the first controversial comment he’s made in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, he remembered Jimmy Savile as a “good man”, stating: “You always think of paedophiles as being like creepy people – well maybe to some people he did look a bit creepy - but he was a bit of a Jack The Lad with young girls."

He’s also had some harsh (four-letter) words for the BBC, who unceremoniously ditched him from ‘The Voice’.

“I enjoyed it, but if they don’t want me any more, they can go fuck themselves,” he said. Niiiiice.

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