24/10/2015 12:41 BST | Updated 24/10/2015 12:59 BST

Vice President Of The Maldives Ahmed Adeeb Arrested Over Plot To Blow Up The President Abdulla Yameen

Sinan Hussain/AP
Maldivian police force guard after the arrest of Vice President Ahmed Adeeb in Male, Maldives, Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015. Police in the Maldives arrested Adeeb on Saturday in connection with an explosion aboard the president's boat last month that authorities have said was an assassination attempt. (AP Photo/Sinan Hussain)

The vice-president of the Maldives has been arrested in connection to a plot to assassinate the president of the country.

Ahmed Adeeb's detention and charges of high treason were announced by the minister for home affairs.

ahmed adeeb

Ahmed Adeeb

President Abdulla Yameen was lucky to escape injury last month when a bomb blast hit his boat as he travelled home from the airport from the hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia (see video below).

His wife and some of his entourage were hurt in the attack.

abdulla yameen

Abdulla Yameen

The bomb was placed under the seat Yameen normally sat on but he was in a different spot on this trip.

Yameen was elected in 2013 and has faced much criticism for jailing political figures including the former president and former minister of defence.

His presidency has been marked by much political in-fighting.

Security in the capital Male has been heightened amid concerns tensions could escalate.

Assistant police commissioner, Abdulla Nawaz, said: "Security of Male has been tightened. Police won't allow any violence in the capital city. Both police and the army will be deployed to patrol the streets of Male."

Three other people including a former member of Adeeb's security detail and a member of the army's bomb squad have been arrested.