Blood Drip Nail Art Tutorial: DIY Halloween Manicure

If you're after maximum drama this Halloween, don't forget about the nail art.

This gory DIY blood drip design looks great on square or coffin-shaped falsies, but equally suits natural nails too.

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East London-based freelance nail artist Maddy Ayers (Maad Nails) told HuffPost UK Style how to get the look in five spooky steps:

1. Start off with a layer of base coat - Stickey from CND is a good option for this and holds the colour well.

2. I’ve gone for black drips on a red background but you could do the reverse, or mix up the colours completely to suit your costume. For this look I applied a couple of coats of vibrant red and left to dry (Pagoda Red from & Other Stories).

3. To paint the drips, use a good quality black polish (I like Noir Primitif from YSL or Essie’s Licorice). Start off about a third of the way down from the cuticle in the middle of the nail, with a generous amount of polish on the brush. Use the shape of the brush to form the drips, so press down harder when you want the drip to widen, and draw it away from the nail when you want the shape to narrow.

4. Aim to have two to three drips per nail, depending on the size of your nail plate. Start some a bit further down from the cuticle so you end up with a mix of shapes and sizes. Add a blob of black polish to the top of a couple of the drips too.

5. Once the drips have dried, add a thick layer of top coat to seal in (China Glaze works well).

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