Jupiter Venus And Mars Form Stunning Planetary Trio Before Sunrise

Late October holds a cosmic treat for all early-risers.

Jupiter, Venus and Mars are joining together to form a triangle that will be visible from Earth, just before dawn.

The three planets will converge in the eastern sky and all you have to do is look east just before sunrise, the Beckstrom Observatory reports.

The brilliance of this show is that you don't need fancy equipment to see it.

Typical binoculars can view a patch of sky six or seven degrees wide, Science At NASA reports.

When the triangle of planets shrinks to five degrees, they should be visible in your binoculars' field of view.

According to NASA, this cosmic show started on October 24 and should last till the end of the month.

Jupiter's moons, Europa, Lo, Ganymede and Callisto, will also be visible although their configuration will change every morning.

Either way, nature has found a way to wake us every morning as the days get shorter colder.

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