How To Peel Ginger: Tips And Tricks For Preparing The Zingy-Flavoured Root

Picture this: you're trying to impress your mate with a new (and rather adventurous) recipe. You've got a thumb of ginger on the chopping board in front of you, your knife is sharp and ready for action, so far so good...

But wait, what on earth do you do now?

Because of it's unusual shape, ginger is pretty difficult to peel with a knife or vegetable peeler. Instead, Chef James suggests peeling it with a teaspoon.

"It's super simple, you can get the kids to do it, and it doesn't take a lot of time," he explains.

He then adds that the benefit of this particular method is that it doesn't waste any excess ginger.

Once you've peeled the ginger, chop it into a square shape and slice in any way you want.

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