Jamie Oliver's Son Steals The Show During Homemade Pizza Tutorial By Running Outside To Pee

Jamie Oliver's son became the leading man in his dad's latest home cooking video, by running out of the kitchen to wee in the back garden.

Because when you gotta go, you gotta go - or so seems to be the case for five-year-old Buddy Bear, who exclaimed:"Dad, I need the toilet!"

And before Oliver even had a chance to reply, Buddy was out the door.

Then he can be spied through the window peeing in the back garden.

Then back in the room...

"That boy is the death of me, he will go to the toilet anywhere," Oliver said to the camera.

"If I introduced him to the Queen he’d go 'Just a minute, ma’am' and he’d just take a slash anywhere."

Oliver decided not to leave BUddy's escapade out of the final homemade pizza tutorial, which appears on Oliver's YouTube channel Food Tube.

"Etiquette would say that I cut that out but I’m leaving that in for all the parents out there, cause you parents are all going, 'yeah I got one of those too,'" he said.

After Buddy washed his hands thoroughly, then jumped back up on his seat, he was ready to carry on.

Aside from making you laugh with the toilet fiasco, the tutorial, which also features Oliver's six-year-old daughter Petal, will very likely make you want pizza for dinner tonight.

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