cooking with kids

Frittatas are the way to go when you need something to whip up fast with the family.
Cook up this traditional lentil dish – rich, buttery and lightly spiced, the stuff of dreams.
Hunker down with a delicious slow-cooked curry that's full of flavour and tender to the bone.
A great way to use up any leftover pumpkin flesh.
Looking for things to do with your kids in half-term? We've got you.
Think of it like the Neapolitan equivalent of the British fish fingers, chips, and baked beans supper.
Indulge the kids (and yourself) with this simple cake recipe. The best thing? The whole mixing process is just one step.
Sabich, a popular street food favourite found all over Israel, will be a hit with the kids.
An easy way to inject more vegetables into any fussy eaters’ diet. Dreamy.
Topped with hibiscus jam, it's a new take on baking a cake.