Student Slammed For 'Blacking Up' To Be Nicki Minaj At Homecoming Ball

A student in Florida, US, has been slammed on Twitter for blacking up as singer Nicki Minaj for her homecoming ball.

Emma Johns, a student at Hilliard High School, tweeted a picture of herself with a man dressed as Drake.

After being condemned by other social media users, Johns deleted the tweet and her account, but not before numerous people took screenshots.

After her school was identified, several people have written to the school's dean of students John Crawford, complaining of his student's offensive blackface costume.

Others have alerted the University of Florida, which Johns hopes to attend, informing them of her choice of costume. One Twitter user added: "She's trying to apply to UF. I know the admissions people up there. I'll send this in today."

Shortly before deleting the pictures, Johns was warned by several Twitter users to "delete this and your life", with one telling her "Black Twitter finna crucify yall...R.I.P", and another adding "[I] hate white people".

Although Johns did apologise for her actions, the tweet no longer appears now her account has been deleted.

The school's administration is now launching an investigation into the incident.

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