David Cameron Mocks Lib Dem Election Result After Tim Farron Asks About Refugees

Tim Farron today used his first ever question at PMQs to ask about the refugee crisis. David Cameron used the opportunity to make fun of the Lib Dems for losing most of their MPs.

Farron told MPs: "Yesterday I visited the refugee camps on Lesvos, where I met families who are inspirational and desperate."

The Lib Dem leader said he was "ashamed" that the UK was not offering any of the refugees on the Greek island a home in Britain.

Cameron replied to defend his government's approach to the refugee crisis which has welcomed some from camps on the Syrian border. Refugees already in Europe are not included in the UK scheme.

However the prime minister could not resist a dig at Farron's depleted Lib Dem parliamentary party. "Its good to see such a high turn out of his MPs," he said to laughter.

The Lib Dems lost almost all of their 56 MPs at May's general election and now have just eight. Many of the losses came as the result of a deliberate and targeted Tory strategy to capture their coalition partner's seats.

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