Family Halloween Costume Inspiration: Parent And Daughter Duo Create Creepiest Halloween Costume


This parent and child duo have won Halloween 2015 with one of the creepiest costumes we've ever seen.

When parents dress up to go out trick or treating with their kids, it usually just involves a witch's hat, a creepy mask or some cat ears.

But this parent pulled out all the stops to create a duo costume.

The parent, dressed up as a beaked beast with stilts for arms and a bird-like mask, walks slowly behind their daughter who looks slightly possessed all in black in a creepy video posted online.

After a flurry of comments on Imgur about how creepy the costume is - "I'm picturing this walking down the street and it's terrifying," wrote one shivering commenter, - the parent decided to respond.

"[The costume] is derived from a variety of things, but it's not "from" anything. It lights up at night for real. It took about three days to construct," they wrote before describing the costume as an "animal machine hybrid and the girl it protects in a dystopian future".

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