Tokyo Sexwale Fifa Presidential Candidate Causes A Bit Of A Stir Over His Name

Tokyo Sexwale has been confirmed as a Fifa presidential candidate.

Stop sniggering at the back.

Now before we go on, here is a helpful techno tune to explain how his name is actually pronounced...

For background, here are five completely made up facts about him.

Unsurprisingly, people could not quite get their heads around the fact that armed without this knowledge his name does sound pretty fantastical.

But it doesn't seem to be doing his chances any harm.

In an effort to enlighten you dear reader here are five (real) quick facts about the chap.

He's a South African businessman and politician

Tokyo Sexwale

Oh, and here are some 'hilarious' fish-based jokes.

Right, that's enough, it's nearly home time.

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