29/10/2015 07:26 GMT | Updated 13/09/2021 12:46 BST

Antiques Roadshow Finds Most Valuable Item In Its 38-Year History With Item Worth More Than £1m

Get ready to be truly amazed.

We’ll be honest, when we find ourselves inexplicably sat in front of The Antiques Roadshow on a Sunday evening, the best bit is guessing just how much that bit of tat that looks like something your granny would have in her display cabinet is actually worth.

Well, get ready to be truly amazed (and a little bit jealous), because the BBC One show has made its most valuable find in its 38-year history, and it’s worth more than £1 million.

The item has been described by producers of the Fiona Bruce-fronted show as “a world famous piece owned by a sporting institution”, and was discovered during filming in North Yorkshire.

The Antiques Roadshow presenter Fiona Bruce  

The programme makers are remaining tight-lipped on the exact value of the item, but the previous holder of the title – a model of the Angel of the North – was valued at £1m in 2008.

We’ll all have to wait until the episode, filmed at Harrogate’s Royal Hall, is screened in April to find out.

A spokesman for the show said: “An item seen at the Antiques Roadshow in Harrogate is the highest valued object ever to appear on the show in its 38-year history.

“It is a world-famous piece owned by a sporting institution.

“The final valuation given will be revealed when the programme airs in Spring 2016.”

The previous record holder, Antony Gormley’s model of the Angel of the North, was three times the show’s previous record.

It was brought to the show by a representative of Gateshead Council, where it has been on display and took five people to carry it in for filming.

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