Alex Reid Pens Open Letter To Sam Bailey, As Most Random Celeb Feud Of The Year Kicks Off

It's Alex Reid vs. Sam Bailey In New Bizarre Celeb Feud

Alex Reid has taken aim at Sam Bailey in an open letter to the ‘X Factor' winner, as he initiated what has to be one of the most random celeb feuds of the year.


The cage fighter launched an attack on Sam, after she made a series of comments about him in her Closer magazine column, in relation to his marriage to Katie Price.

Sam Bailey and Alex Reid

Alex was less than happy with Sam after she claimed that he wasn’t “famous for anything apart from being with her”.

Taking to Twitter, he accused Sam of having a “rather distasteful transphobic agenda”, after she made comments about his crossdressing.

“I was keen to write to you, both to congratulate you on your professional grasp of hearsay, and also your ability to selectively regurgitate nuggets of media hype that only fit your distorted agenda,” he wrote, before making a series of unsubstantiated claims about his ex-wife.

After reading his letter, Sam took to Twitter herself, and wrote to Alex directly: “It’s so nice that you have got friendly adults to write big words for you!!! Well done!!!”

Alex then accused her of bullying him, tweeting her back: “Disappointing behaviour from @SamBaileyREAL. Are you as proud of being an online bully as you are of your gutter-snipe journalism?”

She then hit back: "I am NOT and never will be an online bully! If you think THAT is online bullying then u r very lucky! X."

Sam has become a close friend of Katie’s in recent times, after the businesswoman supported her during her stint on ‘The X Factor’ in 2013.

We can’t wait to hear what the Pricey has to say about Sam and Alex’s spat, and something tells us we won’t be waiting too long...

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