Ed Miliband Aide Lord Wood Explains Why Labour Lost The Election

Labour lost the general election in May because voters did not trust the party on the economy, did not like Ed Miliband and were fearful of the SNP, one of the former Labour leader's top aides has argued.

Lord Wood, who worked closely with Miliband, said on Friday said the party "didn’t do enough to reassure [voters] enough that their taxes were safe in our hands".

"There was an economic credibility issue. We were aware of it going in. We thought the economic argument pointed towards a different stance perhaps to the way the political circumstances we faced pointed and let's be honest. we didn’t resolve that satisfactory properly."

Speaking to the BBC's Daily Politics, Lord Wood added: "On top of that some people, clearly quite a few people, had problems with Ed and the leadership, let's be honest about that too."

The Labour peer and ally of Miliband said the Conservative Party's election campaign argument that a minority Labour government would be "blackmailed" by the SNP was also effective.