30/10/2015 06:31 GMT | Updated 30/10/2015 06:59 GMT

Ken Livingstone Says Labour Has Changed Profoundly Under Jeremy Corbyn

Danny Lawson/PA Archive
Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone delivers a keynote speech at conference on growing Glasgow's low carbon economy during the Base Glasgow conference at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Scotland, which showcases Glasgow's ambitions to become one of the greenest cities in Europe.

Jeremy Corbyn has already made "profound" changes to the Labour Party despite being leader for only a few weeks, Ken Livingstone has said.

Writing for The Huffington Post today, the former Labour mayor of London said Corbyn's time in office so far has been a success as he was not getting lost in a "mire of triangulation".

"Labour is now unafraid to connect with the mass movements and civil society that form our country's wider opposition to the Conservatives," he writes.

"Jeremy Corbyn has only been the leader of the Labour party for a few weeks but he has already delivered significant change in how politics is conducted and in the direction of travel of the Labour party.

"It would be easy, in the light of the froth and noise of minor controversies, to lose sight of just how profound the change has already been."

In the wake of George Osborne's defeat over cuts to tax credits, Livingstone said: "Tory chaos over tax credits did not happen by accident. The Corbyn-led Labour Party made a political choice to resist the temptation to put constitutional practice ahead of the interests of millions of working people.

"Our leadership debate showed people wanted a strong, principled opposition on issues like this."

"Corbyn has channelled that from his leadership campaign through to Labour's Parliamentary tactics. The tactics flowed from the strategy of standing up to the government more clearly."

Last weekend, Livingstone ruffled feathers in the Parliamentary Labour Party when he said MPs who repeatedly challenged Corbyn should face de-selection by their local parties.