Man Sits Next To Doppelgänger On Flight, Then They Go For A Pint (Naturally)

Picture this: you get onto a plane, turn to look at the stranger sat next to you and it's like looking into a mirror.

That was the reality for one bearded holiday-goer who met his doppelgänger on a plane and decided to take a selfie.

The picture was tweeted by a woman called Lee Beattie who says the guy on the right is her friend's husband. The guy on the left, however, is a complete stranger.


The photo has since been retweeted more than 2,000 times and plenty of people are amazed by the likeness, (including us.)

The pair were clearly impressed they'd met their match and went for a pint together after the flight.

Do we spy a bromance blooming?

And it doesn't end there either...

We need to lie down.

[H/T Telegraph]