Syria Civil War Death Toll Paints A Horrifyingly Complex Picture

This Is Who Is Dying In The Syrian Civil War

The civil war in Syria has been raging for over four years now and has shown no signs of abating.

An incredibly complex web of belligerents within the country is further muddied by the involvement of international actors.

The broad picture is one of western-backed rebel groups fighting an insurgency against the government forces of President Bashar al-Assad while trying to stem the growth of the so-called Islamic State (IS).

Infographic supplied by Statista

Within this, however, are nationalist groups, numerous Islamist factions, militias and of course, innocent civilians.

In total the conflict has resulted in the deaths of nearly 300,000 people.

Russia insists that Syria's president remain in power in any future settlement while the US-led coalition says he must relinquish power if there is any hope of peace.

Civilians 115,627

Syrian Civil War Death Toll

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