syrian refugees

Family of 15-year-old say allegations made by English Defence League founder are lies.
15-year-old has been flooded with offers of support – including moving elsewhere in the country.
My battle is not finished yet. I still have to fight to see my family again
They carried me to the deck and I asked them, “Where are you taking us?” “To Greece, Lesvos,” they replied
We sat on the floor waiting for the police or the smugglers, whoever came first, because at that point both were the same for us
The smuggler was a trickster; my money was gone but I could do nothing because he had left me in my wheelchair alone in an olive grove
'It is astounding that the Home Office would be so self-congratulatory.'
All I know is that every day I left that camp (as a non-resident I had that luxury), I felt joy in my heart. Forget tea and sympathy, I will forever treasure those moments of chai and honesty. No pretension, no expectation, just a simple exchange of common humanity.
Human beings are inherently good, what is needed is compassionate and wise political leadership to steer and navigate through the challenging terrain. The world desperately needs recognition of human dignity, democratic values and respect for the rule of law. We desperately need more compassionate global statesmanship.
A few months ago I wrote about the work of Refugee Community Kitchen, a charity in Calais responsible for providing food to the hundreds of refugees in and around the city and Dunkirk. Since 2015 RCK has prepared, cooked, and delivered almost 600,000 meals. They serve hot, nourishing food daily, and like most of the refugee charities in Calais, they rely entirely on donations and volunteers.