F1 Legend Michael Schumacher Is 'Still Fighting' Says FIA President Jean Todt

Michael Schumacher Is 'Still Fighting' 22 Months After Ski Accident

Michael Schumacher is "still fighting" for his life, FIA president Jean Todt has said.

The F1 legend suffered severe brain damage after a ski accident in the French Alps, 22 months ago.

Todt was Schumacher's team boss at Ferrari and became friends with the seven-time world champion, who he still visits on a regular basis.

Michael Schumacher is said to be 'still fighting' 22 months after a ski accident left him with severe brain damage

Schumacher was released from hospital to be cared for at his home in Lausanne 14 months ago, but since then little information has been released on his condition and recovery.

Speaking at a media briefing before this weekend's Mexican Grand Prix, Todt revealed the latest on Schumacher's condition.

"I see Michael very often and Michael is still fighting," Todt is quoted as saying in the Mirror Online.

He added: "Michael is a close friend, his family is very close to me and I am very close to them as well. We must keep him fighting with the family."

Todt told those present that Schumacher accident shouldn't overshadow his achievements, which included winning a record 91 grand prix.

He said: "It was interesting last week after Lewis [Hamilton] won the title for third time.

"You saw the figures [referring to Schumacher's seven championships]. I was very proud of what Michael achieved. Sometimes you tend to forget what he did."

Former Ferrari technical chief Ross Brawn said last week there was "still hope" for Schumacher.

Brawn told how he still visits his former teammate to see how he is doing, and said Schumacher's wife Corinna, also calls him with updates.

He said: "We just keep praying every day that he’ll recover to a stage where…it's slow, but there's always hope."

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