GRAPHIC: Blackhead Extraction Shows Surgeons Removing Cottage Cheese-Like Substance From Man's Body


A video showing the horrendous moment a blackhead is burst is doing the rounds on the internet once again. *Shudders*

The clip, uploaded by YouTuber 'Holly H', shows the blackhead which is as "hard as a marble" being popped by surgeons.

And to say it's disgusting would be a huge understatement.

Watch as doctor's extract absurd amounts of gunk (reminiscent of cottage cheese) from the man's body. And that's not even the worst part.

Surgeons then remove the sac from the blackhead, while a woman in the background whispers, "oh my God".

At the end of the video, they stitch the man's skin back together.

In the description for the video, Holly H writes: "Thanks to Dr. Solomon Brickman! He's an amazing & wise-cracking dermatologist in Houston, TX. I highly recommend him."

Excuse us while we go and lie down.

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