Monster Truck Stunt Sees Teenage Girl Engulfed By Flames Whilst Strapped To Front Of Burning Vehicle

13 Year Old Girl Engulfed By Flames Whilst Strapped To Front Of Monster Truck

This is the moment that a thirteen year old girl was engulfed by flames as she drove through fire, strapped to the front of a monster truck.

Not something you should try at home, the dramatic scenes were all part of a stunt which the girls parents approved of, even enlisting their daughter to perform.

The teen involved was dressed in a protective suit before strapped onto a metal stand which was secured to the front of a truck, and driven through four sets of fire walls made of timber and straw. The stunt was lit up using gasoline and ignited with a cigarette lighter.

The thirteen year old was strapped to the front of the flaming truck

Neil Jorgensen, who owns and operates the monster truck business which performed the stunt allegedly said the girl had suffered some blisters, but she was resilient.

He stressed that everyone involved was aware of the danger and that proper precautions were taken: "I made sure that her parents were aware of the risks, and because of her age I got the application-to-join forms for our operation," he told 3News.

The teenager, who has not been named for legal reasons, reportedly told Jorgensen that she was: "Keen" and "happy" to be taking part in the stunt.

"I asked her if she would like to do it again and she said 'yep, when?'" Jorgensen told news station, NZ Stuff.

Although according to local news sources, the monster truck business is being investigated by local authorities after a member of staff complained about safety procedures.

The businessman has reportedly 30 years of experience in driving monster trucks and performing stunts.

Although despite his years of experience he still ended up getting scorched with what he described as "sunburn".

"Unfortunately, with the laws of averages and occupational hazards, these things happen," he said. "You can have the best plans in the world and still get it wrong, that's the nature of the beast," he told NZ Stuff.

The video was originally uploaded to Monster Madness NZ and was shot by photographer Joff Windsor.

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