13/01/2015 06:57 GMT | Updated 04/11/2015 07:59 GMT

This Map Shows The Countries That'll Survive Global Warming

In 2014, the University of Notre Dame produced a definitive ranking system that showed how countries around the world would fare if global warming increased at its current rate.

The rankings took into account the country's location, its population density and how financially equipped it was to deal with the rising sea level and increase in temperature.

It made for interesting reading, however it was difficult to get a wider view of what would happen. Were there any countries that would survive against all the odds? What would happen to the larger more densely populated nations?

Well the Eco Experts have helpfully turned the data into a map of the world, showing you region by region how the world would change.

An interesting map from The Eco Experts shows the countries most at risk from climate change.