This Is How You Replace Twitter's Awful Heart With Something Better


As you've probably discovered by now, Twitter did something that annoyed a lot of people yesterday. It replace the much-loved favourite icon with a heart and decided to call it a 'like'.

This didn't go down very well.

Thankfully, if your hatred is inconsolable there IS a solution, however it will involve a bit of work.

First of all we must give a massive shout of thanks to Robert McNees the theoretical physicist who, in between spending his time solving some of the universe's biggest questions, has come up with a handy way of making Twitter less annoying.


Here's how you make Twitter less annoying:

1. Install Chrome.

2. Go to the Chrome Web Store and install 'Stylish'.

3. Now click on this.

4. Enter this code into the main window:

.HeartAnimationContainer {

visibility: hidden;


.HeartAnimationContainer:after {

content: ‘🌟’;

visibility: visible;

display: block;

position: absolute;


6. Now add '' in the 'applies to' field and finally click save.

You've just made Twitter that little bit better resulting in THIS:

Follow Robert here for more help on how to make Twitter that much better.

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