'Downton Abbey' Reaches Its Finale This Weekend - The 8 Things We Need To See Happen Before Final Credits

'Downton Abbey' comes to an end this weekend after six series. By 10pm on Sunday evening, one Christmas special notwithstanding, we'll have determined the fates of residents both above and below stairs of TV's most familiar pile.


Exec producer Gareth Neame has already revealed that not every character in the show is guaranteed a happy ending, and things certainly aren't looking too clever for beleaguered Mr Barrow. But what else can we hope for, before the credits roll for the final time on Julian Fellowes' creation.

Before this series began, we listed the eight things we needed to see happen before the end appeared. On the eve of the final show, we return to those eight question and check on how many of those wishes we can hope to see fulfilled...

Love downstairs

8 Things That Need To Happen In Downton Abbey finale

'Downton Abbey' concludes on Sunday at 9pm on ITV.

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