Winston McKenzie, Ex-Ukip Candidate, Says 'London Is A Dump And Needs An Enema'


London is a "complete dump", according to a former high profile Ukip member who hoped to become its candidate for Mayor.

Winston McKenzie, who quit Ukip earlier this week because he said he was a victim of racism within the party, told BBC Daily Politics on Friday that the capital city needed "an enema".

McKenzie made an unsuccessful bid to selected as Ukip's candidate for London mayor. He famous once described Croydon in the south of the city as a "dump".

Presenter Andrew Neil put it to him: "You once described corydon as a dump, which is a point of view, but probably not a point of view you should have if as you were the local election candidate."

McKenzie replied saying he had not gone far enough. "Andrew you've got to speak the truth tell it as you see it. The place is a dump. The whole of London, Andrew, is becoming a dump."

He added: "I'm sorry I didn't include the rest of London its a complete dump."

"If I was mayor of London tomorrow I would have the streets washed with water canon. The whole town needs an enema."

Neil observed: "Sounds like the people aren't quite ready for your message."

The 60-year-old former boxer today announced he had left the party because of the behaviour of those in the “higher echelons” of Ukip.

Speaking to ITV News, McKenzie said: "I'm incensed at the present moment because where I stand in UKIP, I feel as though I've been completely ignored, racially discriminated against by people in the higher echelons of the party.

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