Lack Of Affordable Housing Forces Elderly Brits To Find Homes As Far Away As The Moon

Lack Of Affordable Housing Forces Elderly Brits To Live On The Moon
John Lewis

Pension changes, tax credit cuts and the lack of affordable housing are forcing the elderly to move further and further away from home, according to video evidence.

The video, released by John Lewis on Friday, shows an elderly gentleman living as far away as the Sea Of Tranquility, presumably forced away from his family due to austerity measures.

One 79-year-old woman told HuffPost UK she had been refused social housing by the DWP because they deemed she was still fit to work, and could only afford a small studio flat on the viscous surface of the Caloris Basin, on Mercury.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith said "I hear the sulphurous atmosphere is actually very good for the skin."


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