James Kingston Free Climbs The Eiffel Tower

It was probably inevitable, but daredevil free-climber James Kingston has once again surpassed himself and climbed the Eiffel Tower.

There he is

Showing a complete disregard for fear, common sense or safety, he does display a rather nifty knack for putting on a show as he traverses the famous steel beams.

Earlier this year, Channel 4 aired a documentary on Kingston’s climbing adventures called Don’t Look Down.

His appetite for dizzying heights has earned him a healthy following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Kingston’s 70,000 Instagram followers clearly never get bored of seeing his legs dangle from the edge of a crane.

If you’ve never heard of Kingston, his latest climb, wobbles and all, is a good introduction to his antics.

Happy butt cheek puckering.

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