Dad Uses CGI To Turn His Daughter Into The Cutest Fire-Breathing Godzilla We've Ever Seen

Dad Turns Daughter Into Fire-Breathing Godzilla And Remains Cute Despite Destroying Entire City

A dad has taken the term 'little terror' and applied it quite literally with this astonishingly cute homemade video of his daughter.

Not content with giving her a bite-sized makeover into one of cinema's most legendary characters but he then built her her very own city to demolish complete with tiny toy soldiers and plastic tanks.

Throw in a substantial dose of CGI and what you have left is one seriously cute battle between a toddler, city and, apparently, a flying dog.

Unsurprisingly this dad isn't the first to take his tech skills and use it to give their child a superhuman upgrade. Who could forget the moment this dad imagined what was going on inside his son's head on a simple walk:


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