This Wedding Dress Is Made Of McDonald's Wrappers

Usually when we're done shame-eating our McDonald's we hide the wrappers in the bin. But not these people...

Students at the Miami International University of Art and Design Fashion created 'McDCouture' - a fashion line completely made using empty McDonald's packaging.

Designer Ricardo Hardouin even sent a McBride down the catwalk, wearing a wedding dress made from 900 white sandwich wrappers, 60 yellow sandwich wrappers and 20 fry boxes.

We can't say we're lovin' it.

The runway show took place as part of the Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach at The Setai Hotel on 5 November, which saw 20 designers showcase their fast food creations.

While the designs may show off the students' creativity, we also can't help but wonder what they did with all the food...

See the whole collection below:

McDCouture At Funkshion Fashion Week

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