Man Gropes Woman In London Underground Social Experiment, Things Escalate Pretty Quickly

Here's What Happens When A Man Gropes A Woman On The Victoria Line

Two actors staged a sexual assault on the London Underground to see how the commuters would react.

And react they did.

In the video above, a blonde-haired woman is stood up in a tube carriage on the Victoria Line. She is approached by a guy who then goes behind her and tries to rub himself up against her.

She politely tells him to stop it, but he continues anyway. The woman looks increasingly distressed and then moves away from him towards other passengers.

Two men who are stood nearby intervene and before the actor knows what's happening, things have serious kicked off and he's surrounded by angry male commuters.

The pair then reveal they are merely actors conducting a social experiment.

The video, which was uploaded by prank YouTube channel Trollstation on 7 November, has been viewed nearly 100,000 times.

It is somewhat timely, as earlier this week Transport for London issued an information appeal regarding 10 incidents of sexual assault on the public transport network.

Transport for London declined to comment on the video, but said they were working closely with the British Transport Police and Metropolitan Police Service on tackling the issue of unwanted sexual behaviour on the underground.