'The Wright Stuff' Fake Twitter Account Scuppers Quite A Lot Of People

Last month we brought you the humorous little yarn about a spoof 'The Wright Stuff' Twitter account that had the world fooled over a tweet about selfies and ISIS.

Well, good news all, there's another one.

Yup, Twitter is awash with outrage over the seemingly insensitive and rather crude questions that have definitely not been posed by the Channel 5 call-in show.

As a reminder, the previous spoof account which was quickly suspended, rose to infamy with the question: "Are people that take selfies more likely to join ISIS?"

Obviously the answer was no but that didn't stop people getting a little upset.

@wrightstuffon5@isis_karaoke don't be ridiculous. Plumbing new depths now on this show.

β€” Sam (@DipBrig11) October 7, 2015

Matthew Wright hosts the discussion programme, which airs on weekday mornings on Channel 5.