As 'Unforgotten' Reaches Its Finale This Week, Nicola Walker And Sanjeev Bhaskar Find Out - Who Killed Jimmy Sullivan?

For six weeks, 'Unforgotten' has slowly but surely pulled in its viewers, as detectives DCI Cassie Stuart and her sidekick DS Sunny Khan strive to uncover the truth of what exactly happened to Jimmy Sullivan 39 years ago, following the discovery of his bones during the demolition of a house.


The influence of Scandinavian crime drama has been apparent in this absorbing series, taking its time to follow the lives of the four people mentioned in Jimmy's diary - Beth, Father Robert, Frank C and Mr Slater. And as the excellent Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar take the viewers with them on their investigation, we have uncovered the secrets that each of them has spent four decades doing their best to keep concealed.

'Unforgotten' concludes this week, with detectives Cassie Stuart and Sunny Khan unravelling the truth

The series concludes this week, with Father Robert's revelations still causing ripples in his traumatised household, and the search for Lizzie continues. Meanwhile, Eric Slater is still protesting his innocence, while Sir Philip Cross's family debate what to do about their guilt-ridden father. But who did kill Jimmy Sullivan? While we wait for Cassie and Sunny to make their final arrest, let's assess the suspects...

Father Robert: Already laden with guilt over his affair with a young girl as a freshly-married priest, would writer Chris Lang really need to add to his troubles? It may be that needing to cover up his sins led him to greater crimes but, what with the affair and then the theft of church money to compound matters, it feels as though making him our murderer would be overload.

Grieving mother Maureen is finally able to lay her son Jimmy to rest

Lizzie: Hmm... well, she's obviously feeling very guilty for something in her past, for which she has spent years trying to atone. Her apparent disappearance last week makes me think there's one more fact we'll discover in the finale, but whether it'll be the big one seems unlikely. One thing though... is that former tyrannical boyfriend really dead?

Sir Philip Cross: Similarly, the troubled entrepeneur is obviously defined by a shady past that a new robe cannot cover, but there's been plenty of crime to keep him occupied too. Not only did he administer gangland beatings, but he's now an accidental murderer in his attempts to keep everyone quiet. No need to gild the lily with murder, too.

Eric Slater: A week ago, I'd have had him banged to rights, but they've already gone and arrested him for two murders with sixty minutes left to go. Which means, as fellow sofa sleuths will testify, there must be another twist, to set him free. Mind you, he's obviously a wrong 'un, and I'd be happy to see him go down anyway, because of how he treats his wife.

Claire Slater: Ah yes, poor, confused Claire, who has everyone's sympathy because of her appalling treatment at the hands of her husband, but may yet prove to have a better memory than she's letting on. However, my money's on...

Grace Greaves: Because nobody ever suspects a vicar's wife. And she's got every right to be furious about the cover-up in her early marriage. And, well, because it's Hannah Gordon and nobody could ever suspect lovely Hannah of anything bad.

So there we are. Crime solved, or is it? Who do YOU think killed Jimmy, and Nicholas Whitmore to boot? We only have one more day before we find out...

'Unforgotten' concludes on Thursday 12 November at 9pm on ITV.

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