Woman Inadvertently Captures Plane Crash Live On Snapchat

A Woman Accidentally Captured A Plane Crash On Snapchat

A woman inadvertently captured the moment a jet crashed into a house killing nine people while recording a Snapchat video.

Page McVeigh was recording a video of herself when a flash of light and a loud bang can be heard, McVeigh is then visibly shaken as she realises what has just happened only metres from her house.

A Hawker H25 jet was approaching Akron Fulton Airport, Ohio at around 3pm local time on Tuesday when it crashed into a building bursting into flames. It's believed that everyone on board was killed.

The owner of the jet reports that nine people were on board the ten-seater jet at the time. It's now known what caused the crash but a full investigation by local authorities is now underway.


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