Biohackers And Wannabe Cyborgs Undertake DIY Surgery In An Effort To Get Iron Man-Esque Hands

A group of 'biohackers' are performing small surgical procedures on themselves in an effort to make their hands look, well, a little extraordinary.

At Dusseldorf’s Cyborg Fair, a small group of men gathered to slice their hands open and insert a Northstar V1 chip designed to make their skin light up.

The chip, which is around the same size as a small coin, was placed underneath the skin on their forearms producing a circular glow on the surface.

The device is produced by Grindhouse Wetware who say users will be able to turn the lights on simply by using a magnet.

For now, the device's sole purpose is to make the human hand look good, or weird, depending on your level of Iron Man aspirations.

According to Tech Insider, Grindhouse Wetware is planning to create a rechargeable version of Northstar V1 that will have Bluetooth and motion sensors.

Tim Cannon, one of the men involved in this latest fad, posted an excited message on Facebook prior to the fair.

"We have the implants, we are preparing for sterilization and getting ready for implantation," he explained.

"Its almost cyborg time people. Saturday we do this thing. Pics coming soon."

This is not a first for the biohacking community , who regularly engage in various body modification procedures in effort to transcend the human/machine barrier.

Included in Grindhouse Wetware's array of products is the Circadia, which is another small device that also lights up through the skin while measuring biomedical data that can be sent to the user's smartphone.