Burger Of The Year Revealed (And It's Meat-Free)

Nothing quite makes the mouth water like a big, old juicy burger. And this one is no exception.

The Superiority Burger has been crowned 'best of the year' by GQ magazine and what's most astounding is that there's not a bit of meat in it.

It also costs just $6 (roughly £4) to buy.

Food porn alert.

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The vegetarian and vegan-friendly burger is "full of flavour" but "not full of animals", according to New York Instagram food guide, NYC x NYC.

Chef Brooks Headley has created the masterpiece, which comprises a nutty burger topped with Muenster cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato and dill pickle.

"The bun squishes. The lettuce crunches. The pickles snap," says GQ's Nick Marino.

"That patty, made from ingredients Headley [the chef] won’t divulge and miles beyond whatever your vegan friends use to assault your grill during barbecues, has genuine heft."

Excuse us while we book flights to New York...

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