17 Things You Learn As A New Parent, Comedian Ryan Swain Shares His Insight As A Father Of Twins

17 Things You Learn As A New Parent

When you become a parent you embark on a steep learning curve.

Very little in life is as it was before, as comedian Ryan Swain learned when he became a dad to identical twin girls in 2014.

When you have twins you gain the ability to text with your feet

Swain decided to put his new found learnings into a short video called, Funny Truths Most Parents Can Relate To.

Some highlights include: "You wish your bank balance could refill as quickly as your laundry basket seems to."

"You'll make yourself a nice warm cup of tea and by the time you finally get to drink it it's been microwaved five times."

And: "When you have a baby you learn to do all kinds of things that you didn't realise you could do. As a father of twins I know from self experience I can feed two babies at once and still send a text by using my feet. So much for men not being able to multitask."